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600 Seconds Really Matter....NO, REALLY!!

We spend on average 230,000 hours sleeping during our lifetime. That’s the equivalent of 1/3 of our life. So, what did One Republic mean in their hit single, I Lived? “I did it all” (But only for 2/3 of my life? Every day you should think about the 16 hours you spent awake and ponder, did you do everything you wanted? How much time did you lose? Did you play a game on your phone? Did you watch Tik Tok unceremoniously and waste 30 minutes of your day like we all seemingly

have? What if you had lost time back? What would you do with it? Is there value in time lost? The age-old adage says absolutely. What is 10 minutes of your time worth? $20? 50? More? What if I told you it could perhaps be the most valuable time spent and you not even realize it. I know, you’re asking yourself, what could I do in 10 minutes that could possibly be invaluable. Allow me to let you in on a little secret. But first…..

Have you ever started a random conversation with a perfect stranger in a grocery line, retail store, sporting event, etc.? I have so many times that my wife is so irritated by it while I’m

doing it, yet later tells me it’s a gift. Maybe it’s both, but simply put, I like to talk. I have made lifelong friends out of complete strangers doing this very thing at random. In my line of work, this gift is magical and I use it well, all while being efficient at the same time.

Do you know that you only have 4 seconds to catch someone’s direct attention, 30 seconds to keep their attention, 2 minutes to catch their full attention and 10 minutes to earn their trust? The longer you can tell someone directly what they want to hear, believe me, they want more. It’s a drug. People read books, because someone always has a story to tell, and readers wants to hear it.

Back to my little secret (Shhhh….Not really a secret) New and old homebuyers alike start their process off the same way. By going to sites like Zillow, or their local Association of Realtors website, these buyers start looking at homes they can afford, homes they wish they could afford and always homes they have no chance in owning. They sign up on site after site with their email and phone number and wonder why a complete stranger calls them out of nowhere to discuss.

One would think everyone knows someone who is a Realtor. Not true. As a matter of fact, most first-time home buyers will use a complete stranger to guide them through the home buying process. 78% of buyers use the first person who can get past 4 seconds without being told no. After 30 seconds, you have most likely piqued their interest. In 2 minutes, you begin to give specifications about what you are looking for and by 10 minutes, you have likely made the decision to let this stranger help you buy the most important financial purchase in your lifetime. So again, what is 10 minutes worth to you? The next time a stranger calls you and tries to help you buy a home, don’t simply shut them off. Start with 4 seconds. Let them earn the other 596. The knowledge an educated and trained agent supplies to your search has incredible value. Exactly how much value you ask? Don't be scared. Answer the phone and find out. It's what we do. And we do it well.

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Desiree Savory
Desiree Savory
Apr 19, 2022

This is excellent 👌

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