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Downtown Site



I partner with in an effort to combine local real estate expertise with local businesses. the idea is to share a community driven effort to lift up everyone in small, medium and even large business. We simply do not survive without one another. visit both my East Downtown and Downtown Houston sites for more information.


My family and I live in East Downtown and one thing is for sure, as big as Houston may seem, living in EADO (East Downtown Houston) feels like living in a small city. You feel that when you walk into local establishments, restaurants, bike shops, boutiques, etc. While Downtown Houston seems incredibly large (Yes, it is) It has a very intimate feel as well. 


I decided to partner with in an effort to learn more about our community and what makes it tick. With local interviews from established businesses, we learn more about the drive and determination it takes to run a small business and incorporate shared marketing capability to our owners through our page at zero cost to the business. For more information, contact me personally to discuss or visit both websites and submit a request to be interviewed. See you Downtown!!

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